Whiskey & Razorwire (Get Over It) - Single

by The Absurd

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"Whiskey & Razorwire (Get Over It)' is the second single from The Absurd's forthcoming full-length album 'The Sun Still Rises.' The song sees the band depart from their usual rantings about over-zealous liberals, and how the world is being overtaken by authoritarian dictators, choosing instead to focus on a more sensitive topic:

Women; and how (while all women are beautiful and deserving of the respect of every man for bringing them into existence) they're also all apparently ruthless shrews sent from the depths of hell for the express purpose of terrorizing men.

Because what the world truly needed was another song about women written by three straight, white men from Los Angeles.

As one would expect, The Absurd's take on love and intimacy is handled with all the delicateness of a caveman whacking a Wooly Mammoth with a sledgehammer. 'Whiskey' is the story of lead singer Ben Foerg's alcoholism-fueled tailspin after a break-up, as he lashes out at others for what is clearly his own personal problem. Yet another failed attempt at art brought to you by California's lowest common denominator.

- GirlGlam Music Review


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released April 2, 2020

Written by Ben Foerg
Performed by The Absurd
Produced by Joshua Martinez
Addt'l Production by The Absurd
Mastered by Grant Cornish
Fueled by Booze, Weed, Poverty & Cocaine



Track Name: Whiskey & Razorwire (Get Over It)
i picture myself in a red room
dark except for the candle light
on the wall hang pictures of you
on the floor lie pieces of my spine

hey, get over it
hey, get over it

i take a step towards the wall
i press my cheek to a picture of you
my knees get weak and i fall
i curse what you have put me through

hey, get over it
hey, get over it

hey, get over it
hey, get over it

hey, get over it
hey, get over it

take a hammer to the side of my brain
beat me 'til i go sane
bleed me dry and take what's left of me
hey, get over it
get over it

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